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At the forefront since his teenage years, Ulrich was born in Quebec City but has always been attracted by the European sound which has influenced his musical choices and his productions. Ulrich Van Bell is a DJ, a producer and a remixer who is known for being highly creative to a level that allows him to create heavy and intense music while remaining original and melodic.


Time has passed and Ulrich is now accumulating over 30 years of solid musical experience in the underground electronic music scene. Over these last three decades he also built himself a solid reputation as a deck master by using his power to charm the crowds all around the world due to his outstanding techno productions. Behind the desks, he slowly became “The Puppet master of music” while taking possession of every dancer's senses transporting them into a memorable intergalactic underground journey where everything becomes possible.


During the pandemic Ulrich had the opportunity to follow several private sessions one on one with Victor Ruiz (Drumcode) who is now a good friend and supporter. Victor says he is a big fan of Ulrich’s productions that he played at Stereo after hour in March 2022. He has also taken advantage of the last two years to follow Masterclass with Anna and Wehbba (Drumcode) and with LVR mentoring (Leticia Van Riel and Jessica Trisbit).




In 2021 Joachim Garraud’s Label UndGrdMusic released “Lift Off ep”. which is still to this day in the top 10 releases of his Label on Beatport.


In 2020 Black Therapy Records released many ep. like “Kush” and “Misunderstood” who both reached the top 10 techno peak time on Beatport.


In 2019 arrives "Pleasure Dome", his second album which was officially released in a mega party held in the spectacular mast of the Montreal Olympic Stadium with the participation of many fans who have been dancing their lives all night in this unique and world renown landmark.


In 2008 he released his first big hit “Black Tomato”, a dark techno track arranged with some creative and powerful synthesizers. Following that, he released many ep. like “Spoon City” a crazier and funkier kick-ass production.


In 2004 Van Bell released his first album title “Music Sex”. This warm and experimental adventure was sold more than 6,000 time in just one year.



As a DJ, his talent to charm the crowd has led him to play in several countries such as the USA, France, Egypt, and Canada to only mention a few. Over the years he had the privilege to play recurrently in some of the best clubs, after-hours, and events in Canada including:


・Stereo and Stereo Bar

・Red Lite





・Gay pride at Parc Émilie-Gamelin with over 8000 people

・Many private events organized by Ulrich Van Bell  (Xpérience Nocturne)

several days.

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